THE OAK queen

Pinch, punch – first of the month! 1 October has arrived and with it spooky season is officially here. I mean, as far as I’m concerned spooky season is with us all the time, but for this month at least it is almost universally embraced, and who am I to argue? This October I have […]

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Praxis makes perfect

Ah, it feels like such a long time since I wrote something. I’ve taken on a huge year-long magical project of self improvement and skills development which is taking up a lot of my me-hours. Between all the courses I’m taking I only really have one or two evenings a week where I’m not studying […]

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Roll your own

Ooooh…my first ‘How to’ post, don’t expect many, this is very unlikely to turn into a ‘how to do magic’ blog, there are already millions of folk around who do it much better. This is one of my little personal ritual quirks though, so I thought I’d share in case it inspires anyone. Candle magic […]

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Right Rites

‘The perfect is the enemy of the good’ – Voltaire The below meme is doing the occulture rounds at the moment and it has provoked some discussion and certainly some contemplation on my part, as I have recently completed a series of magical rites that I performed to the best of my ability in fairly […]

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Awe, Yiss*

In my last (first) post I spoke a little about the Four Pillars of Fulfillment and how one might go about cultivating those. All four have links to elements of the occult experience, but the one I’m currently most fascinated with is transcendence. Transcendence – roll it around on your tongue a little – yup, […]

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Into the woods

I thought I’d open this blog, as seems to be the thing, with a statement about who I am – and, given this is an occult blog, some background on where I am in my spiritual journey, or path, or whatever slightly nauseating New Age/hippy-sounding term you prefer.   Firstly, I lay no claims to being […]

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