The Witchualist

This blog will be a great big bubbling cauldron of magical word soup.

I plan to document my adventures in witchcraft, ritual magic(k) and sorcery, including ceremonial magic, the PGM and grimoire work along with aspects of Wicca and Thelema.

There will be discussion of ritual practice, information on the uses of various plants, rocks and other tools, my thoughts about the things I am reading, watching and learning as well as diary type entries as I explore nature and the world around me from a magical point of view.

I am not an expert, instead an eternal student, the more I learn the more I discover I have to learn.

All opinions are my own and are ripe for challenging – our mistakes help us learn! Please be polite though and definitely no shaming of anyone for not knowing something – no matter how basic it seems – I hate that macho-mage-dick-wand-waving bullshit. Do what though wilt, but don’t be a dick about it.